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不思議 Mystery!

2 April 1983
Yes, so I'm 22 (actually I'm 25 now, going on 26) years old and a college student at Ball State University (Actually I graduated in 07). I enjoy watching anime (still...), and listening to classic rock mainly, but I have many other interests as you can see in my uhh...interests. (Actually this is still mostly true!)

"I'm 21, so drinking is yes." -Undergrads- (God, I miss that show!)
abhorsen, ac/dc, adult swim, aerosmith, ah! megami sama, amvs, anime, animorphs, aqua teen hunger force, azumanga daioh, ball state, being the hoss, berserking, bleach, blue oyster cult, blues brothers, boston, bowling, bram stoker, c.s. friedman, calvin and hobbes, chapelle show, chobits, classic rock, clerks, cowboy bebop, cracker, crank yankers, cute girls, dark sun rising, dave chappelle, ddr, deep purple, dracula, dumb and dumber, elfin lied, escaflowne, excel saga, family guy, fansubs, flcl, frankenstein, frightening small children, full metal alchemist, futurama, garth nix, generator gawl, get fuzzy, getting drunk, gimpy, golden earring, good charlotte, grand theft auto, gta3, guitar, hang 'em high, harmonica, harry potter, harvest moon, home movies, homestarrunner.com, homsar, ice cream, indiana jones, invader zim, ipfw, iron chef, j.k. rowling, japan, japanese, japanese food, jimi hendrix, kansai, kansas, kare kano, kendo, kung faux, led zeppelin, lirael, lord of the rings, love hina, love hina again, lovin spoonful, mad tv, maison ikkoku, mallrats, manga, marshie, martian successor nadesico, meitantei loki ragnarok, mgs, mobile suit gundam, mudding, negima, niea_7, nightmare before christmas, nitz, norse mythology, phantom quest corp., pizza, princess nine, pulp fiction, rand miller, record of lodoss war, robot chicken, rocko, root beer, rpgs, rufio, rune soldier louie, sabriel, saturday night live, sealab 2021, shade's children, shinobuden, simple plan, soccer, south park, star ocean, star ocean ex, star wars, strongbad, swords, tacos, teenage mutant ninja turtles, tenchi muyo, the moon, the princess blade, the princess bride, the simpsons, tombstone, tommy boy, top shop, trigger happy tv, trigun, trouble chocolate, undergrads, urusei yatsura, video games, video girl ai, wayne's world, wayne's world 2, westerns, wild striker, writing, yokko kanno, ミスター スパーコル,